The King of Nightmares, everyone.
The King of Nightmares, everyone.

how can i know who i am… until i found out who i was?

rise of the guardians, 2012
requested by anon

When was the last time you guys actually hung out with kids?

The Man in the Moon, he talks to you?

RotG + realistic details → requested by springtimepunz

inspired by frozenweirdo's amazing gifs


Well… That one gave  me a BIG hardwork, butI liked how it came out (some parts). Anyways, I noticed that, when I was coloring Bunnymund. he kind of remainded me of Jacob, but I was like… oh, whatever.

I don’t know all of their stories (I actually just know Tooth’s and Jack’s, of course. And I read just some little parts about North) - and I’m looking foward to read them - so maybe they won’t look like the original ones from their books.

I tried to do my best in this one - and I’m aware that there are some mistakes here and there - but whatever. I just hope you guys like it…

Rise of the Guardians concept art vs. final film (1/?)

Doing what Guardians do best: Protect.

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