You know, ROTG has a lot of parallels that happen throughout the movie. And while watching it again I realized that Jack’s big ice ramp/loop thing at the end of the movie


Is kinda similar to North’s ice train ramp/loop thing


Which makes me wonder if he made that because he noticed North’s toy ramp in his workshop and wanted to re-create a life sized one, or if he just remembered that North likes loop-de-loops? Or maybe Jack just wanted to make a big ice ramp, it could be anything haha. Jack did make a ramp earlier in the movie when he sent Jamie flying off of it, but just nothing this big, so I wondered if it had any relation.

Also, another tiny bit I noticed at the end: They pass by a man walking his dog, and the dog looks up at Jack and the others while the man looks down at the forming ice. I’ve always read about things like animals being able to see spirits and whatnot, so I thought this was neat of them to put in the movie :)


So yeah. Just things I’ve noticed.

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    Also Abby the greyhound can see them!

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